Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three firsts

So ya'll might know that, in general, I think I stink at drawing guys. Well, I'm happy  to say, I now am hopeful of mastering that! :D So, there's one first. Second first is, this has so many people in it! O.o Never done four people before! I think it turned out rather well! Third first, which is kinda a two for one deal, (lucky you guys;) this is my first time drawing my characters, like people in my head, in preparation/excitement for my first NaNoWriMo attempt! :D Here's the pic, try to match the guys to their descriptions below... I think I drew them to match their personalities fairly well.

Allen: reserved, shy, has a speech defect he was bullied for. Close with Josh. Redhead/blue eyes

 Jason: Joker, friendly, outgoing, refuses to be easily rebuffed in his friendly advances. Blond/blue-eyed.

Raphael: Survivor of an 'ethnic cleansing' attempt. Leader. Rather dark and broody at times. Black hair/dark eyes

 Josh: Gentle peacemaker. Keeps tensions between other three low. 'Gets' Allen. light brown hair/eyes

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