Monday, October 28, 2013

Thirds and Fourths

And here are some more charries! 

Matt and Helen (on couch) are a couple that are mentors/practically parents to my the guys in "firsts". Matt is a relaxed, easy-going guy, with a heart for kids, especially troubled ones.  Helen's a girl with a lotta love, and a soft mousy exterior. Getting her riled up, however, would not be advised. She's fierce! 

Jessie is Matt and Helen's niece. She's friendly, but sharp as a tack. Close with the "first's". Not afraid of danger, but not foolhardy, either.

Terren's Mom: Kind, understanding, single mom. Terren's dad died young. Not necessarily approving of Alex's fostering a love of swordplay/fighting skills in her daughter, but tolerates it.

Alex: Terren's older brother. A father figure to her, since he's about 12 years older than her. Sees no harm in Terren's fascination with weaponry, encourages/amused by it. Works hard to help provide for his family

Young Terren: A little, careless tomboy with a fascination for weapons, and a deep seated love and admiration for Alex. 

On a personal note. These aren't amazing drawings, I know that. Probably better than you do. I can pick out every single flaw with ease. But, I think writing is helping my drawing skills and figure posing, getting an idea of how and what these people are doing. And, I'm having fun, flaws and all. Also, these pictures stink. Blame my phone. XD 

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