Friday, October 25, 2013


So, here, continuing with last post's topic, is a second. ;) A second group of my charries for NaNoWriMo. Meet Ben, Chance , and Terren. My MC and some guys she's not thrilled to be around.

Ben is a boy with a twisted moral compass, wait, make that steamrolled, moral compass. Raised in a truly horrible environment he's not above using others for his own ends, but expects to be treated that way himself.

Chance: been a bit of a proverbial frog-in-the-pot. Is where he is because of an unstable childhood, but recognizes wrong, where Ben sees normality. A mentor/ brother to Ben.

Terren: My foolish, but brilliant girl. Tried to knock out the pwower behind Ben, got more than she bargained for. Hates Ben and Chance, but Ben the most.


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