Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wait, aren't those sand dunes?

The answer is no.

 No, that's the frozen waters of Lake Michigan, dusted in sand. I went to Lake Michigan with Dad yesterday.....and promptly slid into another planet. Wild and gorgeous, untouchable and crystalline. And treacherous. Without further ado, the "sand dunes". (and I apologize for any blurriness, I was walking and snapping.)

see where the white starts? that's the lake. those "sand dunes" my dad is walking on? icebergs.

Pebbles are on the beach, that jutting crag? ice. I think the water line's visible here...

double row of sand covered ice to cross before getting to see the expanse of white lake ice

this is all ice.....I'm walking on water. Also, the white stuff? don't walk there, you might go in up to your knees in slush--or worse.

all lake. all of that. incredible
I get this icy desert Sahara and the Arctic all mixed up.

view of the ground, all pockmarks and fissures, again, actually on the lake. I can't really get over that.

closer ground view...blurry, but definitely a feel for what the ground looked like

Finally catching up to Dad, after dallying with picture after picture after picture after....well, you get the point.
the actual lake bit in sight, look at the curves of the "land". sheer beauty.

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  1. This IS super beautiful... I can't believe it's so pretty even in all of this weather!