Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The lake.

After hiking over "sand dunes," avoiding fissures and white patches of snow as we went, we finally got up to a place where we could see the rest of the lake. My God is so awesome.That's all there really is say about these. They are stunning.

lake view peeking through

I promised  lake, I know. It's coming....but look at this ICE. It's so incredible

same as caption above. I'm not getting over this anytime soon

Fissure in the ice. I can only marvel. and try not to get my foot caught.

more fissures. pictures cannot adequately express the sheer exquisiteness of this view.

standing on the lake, looking over the lake.

standing on ice covered in sand, looking down on more ice. which I did not step on, too far down, and it looked none too safe

the watercolor artist in me says "paint this, now."

I've gone on vacation to another world---the sheer beauty of this is captivating

ice. standing on it, behind you, as far as you can see

I love the shape of the ice cliff....

Instant Arctic photoshoot, anyone?

I'm seriously in awe....

the beauty is simply was so vivid



more ice

you can see where water rushed in during thaws and carved the ice away.

needless to say, the better part of wisdom involved not walking there....

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