Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Drainage is gorgeous--No, really!

Walking back from sheer incredulity, there's beauty everywhere...especially in the drainage.

I dare you to tell me this isn't beautiful.

(go ahead and tell me my photography skills are crap, though. I don't mind. )

the patterns in the sand....

drainage detour

the paterns! *artist in me dies of sensory overload* 

y'all think I'm nuts now...but still.... the motion of the water captured in sand....

I should paint my floor like this

can you see the beauty yet? this would make another gorgeous painting with a tweak or two

there's beauty in old steel fences and rocks. look for it

wow. major blur. bad photography indeed.  but pshaw. look at the lovely composition....

I might be obsessed with rocks. just a bit.

obligatory unedited selfie....what? that's what girls of a certain age do

I'm such a mess. but I kinda like this one.
cleared up a bit, I can see a reasonable self portrait based off this...

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