Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Games and little sisters

WARNING: the below is a game review. I felt like endorsing someone on here. deal. also, I'm totally prejudiced, I got the game for free. ;) the rest of you need to pay $1.99... but for what it's worth, I think it's worth the spare change.

A friend asked me to try his game for him as a favor, and post it on here. As publicity. For what it's worth, I told him precious few people actually read this, but why not? So here it is. 

Wobble World is an entertaining game, in which one attempts to save earth by slinging asteroids into the sun, using the earth's gravity and speed to pull them out of orbit. Dumping them into the sun (and the sun only) is supposed to save earth, but I do wonder about the effects on the people on the tiny ball, which now has days with length of infinite variety and constantly shifting gravity, which has to play with one's head, while wreaking havoc on normal schedules. Not to mention the fact that once the comets come through, you will definitely send earth into a raging inferno, and wipe the entirety of mankind out in one fell swoop. But, I digress. 

Wobble World's not only easy to learn to play, with only four keystrokes required throughout its entirety, but also totally entertaining to lose. Which is important, I might add, for a game you will lose. and lose. and lose again. You've been warned. It's not easy. I like that this game intuits basic physics, and as such, could be used as a diversionary addition to a lesson on planets, gravity, orbit, speed and the basic idea of physics. Wobble World has simple graphics, but they're of a decent quality, and fun to watch. The layout is simple and self explanatory. The music to the game is a fun addition that I feel adds greatly to its charm. All told, Wobble World is an entertaining and semi-educational way to kill time, with a fun set of trophies, and that lovely exasperated feeling that one "must beat this level." There was much hilarity and excitement over this simple game in our house, and my sisters grinned ear to ear while using it. That alone would be worth two bucks. Wobble World can be found by clinking the top link on this page.

In conclusion, I asked my youngest sister to tell me in a paragraph what she thought of this game. I received this original, and incidentally, unedited paragraph. She was sure I'd be unable to decipher it. However, I think more of you than that, and I think she summed it up nicely. Enjoy.

Also, be on the lookout for his new game "Mouse go Boom" in initial development stages now, summarized as "cats and mice in an arms race, starting with spears, and working their way up to the atomic bomb" Sounds exciting! Count me in!

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